Testimonials - Coaching Programme

Orsolya Dargai

I am super happy that I found coach Simon and his programme. When I found him, my pull-ups were going nowhere for a very long time and with his simple evaluation of my movement every session, I have gone from 0 all the way up to 7.

I must say I’m motivated by his system for working out gymnastic movements from the very basics to the most advanced skills.

I keep hitting new goals,  and have reached Level 2! I would never switch to any other coaching.

Kirsty Winkle

Love the ARC programme - it has done absolute wonders for my gymnastics! I got my first ever Pull-Up not long after joining, and 6 months later I am now happy to say I’ve finished Level 1 and I am currently tackling Level 2 with 8 Pull-Ups!  I have always favoured lifting and my gymnastic work was such a glaring weakness. With ARC I look forward to my gymnastic sessions and love it when new skills come up in WODs. The programme is so easy to follow and the reasoning behind everything is clearly explained which I love. Can’t wait to tick off more of my gymnastic goals!

Catherine Thorne

ARC gymnastics is simply the best!

If you’re willing to put the work in and embrace the grind, then Simon will get you the results you’re after!

In less than a year I have gone from 1 terrible pull up to 8 lovely ones and 0 push ups to 15!

The ARC community that Simon has built up is an added bonus, it’s great seeing everyone at your level progress and the banter always helps too!


Following Simon’s amazing seminar in Manchester, I signed up for ARC Gymnastics online coaching and I’m now 4 weeks into Level 1. The amount of content we’ve gone through already is mind blowing… I feel I have more knowledge of body positioning and requirements in 4 weeks than I have in my entire few years of training.

The key for me, is the feedback and coaching I receive, along with finally prioritising gymnastics first in order to progress. Very small cues received to make adjustments to a movement, are the absolute deal breaker in if that move is executed correctly and safely, something which Simon has an amazing eye for. In just 4 weeks, I have progressed from avoiding push ups entirely, due to random shoulder soreness every time I try them, to completing full reps with no pain, once again, confirming correct form, does indeed, pay off. During the seminar weekend I was unable to complete 1 TTB although I was fairly close, during this 4 weeks, I have performed many drills on the floor, resulting in linking 8 from the rig! If you’re looking to improve your gymnastics, I 100% recommend ARC online coaching, the attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve signed up for before.

Judith McClaren

I started level 1 SYN gymnastics just over a year ago with 1 or 2 inconsistent strict pull ups and death swing toes to bar.  I recently moved up to level 2 with 7 strict pull ups and 10 toes to bar with that gymnastic kip I always wanted. My next goal is to get a strict handstand push up, ring dips and work towards my first Bar Muscle-Up. Although my strength has certainly improved, the biggest takeaway is that I move so much better and that has transferred across to all other areas of my training.  I find ARC gymnastics really easy to fit in alongside daily WODs and weightlifting but you have to prioritise it!!!! I have learnt that the hard way! The coaching is first class and getting regular feedback means that you know which areas you need to work on. I couldn’t recommend ARC gymnastics enough!

Beth Huel

Training with Simon is a joy. He distills each movement down to a science and wholly understands the mechanics for each skill that we train. As such, each training session has purpose, and it is easy to see that everything you drill is working towards the skills that you are mastering. The video instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow and feedback from individual coaching is timely, brilliant, and incredibly helpful. I’m able to action on feedback for the next session and see improvements regularly. There is a clear progression, in his program, of what milestones you will achieve as you train with him — it gives you something new to aim for! Through working with Simon, I’ve been able to achieve the strength, skill, and coordination to achieve so many things that I never thought I would ever be able to do and have so much fun doing it.

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