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Welcome to ARC Gymnastics Individualised.

This is an application to have individualised programming cycles specifically designed for you by ARC Gymnastics owner Simon Nieland.

You’ll also receive, private, 1-1 coaching commentaries on your work each week to ensure stable & fast progress.


Stage 1 - Application & Assessment

Fill out & submit the application form below to inform me of your interest in Individual Coaching.

Please include any extra notes about your training goals, current regimen & specific needs. This will help me determine the best training package for you. You can also include videos if you have them available, but you don't have to.

I aim to get back to you within 24 hours with my recommendation for your training, but sometimes it's sooner.

Alternatively you can go straight ahead and book a face-to-face video consultation using the "Video Consultation" button below - this will take you to my Calendar where you can book a time slot.

Once you have purchased a training package, you will be added to my App and you will be sent an initial assessment to complete.

This assessment will be a series of exercises for you to video and upload to the App so I can design your training programme & cycle effectively.

Stage 2 - Training & Coaching

Once you've finished your Assessment, your full training programme will be assigned to you & you'll be able to view in its entirety. You'll see each training session is split into sections, and within each section, a technical video demo is included for each assigned exercise.

You'll be able to mark off each training session as you complete them, and upload videos for coaching feedback.

This analysis comes in the form of video recordings where I will be demonstrating movement corrections using visual tools and my voice to describe the technical adjustments. These video recordings are once or twice per week allowing you to make huge adjustments each training week.

Results will come in a strong fashion through being consistent & implementing the adjustments made to your movement.


  • Video in portrait mode, not landscape.
  • Ensure your entire body is IN the shot.
  • Ensure nothing is blocking the view of you performing the exercise.
  • Video from a front / side angle.
  • Please use your phone’s trim function so that only the work performed is included in the video (10/15s)

First Name

Last Name


Bodyweight in KG’s:

Top 3 Gymnastics Strength Training Goals:

2 other Gymnastics Strength Training Goals:

Existing limitations that we should know about:

Extra notes:

Upload Videos

Upload videos to a shared coud storage folder and share the link here for our review.

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