The Programme:

The Arc Gymnastics Programme develops the Gymnastics Skills of Functional Fitness over 5 Course Levels.

All programmes within the course are 3 training sessions per week.

Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes

The Coaching:

Coaching & technical feedback is key to progress.

It is often the determining factor between a programme that delivers results and one that doesn't.

This is why Arc Gymnastics provides expert Coaching to ALL our clients.

We do this through our Weekly Check-In, using the Loom App.

Every Monday, we drop an audio + visual coaching commentary for the group, which you watch in your own time.

The commentary provides technical feedback on videos you have uploaded.

What else do I get?

In addition to the coaching & programming, you will also gain access to the Arc Gymnastics Resource Library which you can browse through at your leisure.

Here you will find Albums of Lessons; 5-10 minute videos that cover important training concepts in more detail.

You'll also be able to see ALL of the Course Demo Video's in organised albums, as well as an archive of Articles.

Although this a comprehensive course, each programme will have you focusing on 2-3 major skills at a time.

This higher degree of focus will allow you to achieve new skills and progress through the course levels much faster.

How do I start?!

Scroll down + select any level.

After subscribing to the course, we will send you an assessment to complete.

This assessment allows us to determine the proper programming you need based on your goals and current abilities.

We have many variations of the programme at each level, to account for individual goals.

course Skills :

  • Dips
  • Pull-Ups
  • Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  • Bar Muscle-Ups
  • Ring Muscle-Ups
  • Rope Climbs
  • Toes-to-Bar
  • Handstand
  • Handstand Walking
  • Flexibility

Sussie A


Level 1 - Foundations

Level 2 - BRIDGE

Level 3 - ELEMENTS

Level 4 - ARES

Level 5 - ICARUS


How long are the Gymnastics Sessions?

ARC Gymnastics Sessions are 45-60 minutes in length, 3 days per week.

Each training session will contain these 3 major elements:

  • General + Specific Flexibility
  • Strength work
  • Skill Work
What is the cancellation policy? / How do I cancel?

If you decide you want to stop, you can cancel at anytime by going to the website and visiting the "my account" section.

After cancelling, you will continue to have access to the programming and the training group until your next payment date, at which point it will be lost.

Once a subscription goes out, it will not be refunded, so if you are intending to leave, you must remember to cancel your subscription before your next payment is due.

How and when do I know to upgrade to the next level?

We've outlined the requisites in the outline of each levl aThe standard time-frame for completing levels is 16 weeks.
But obviously, everyone has unique circumstances.

If you need longer on a programme, no problem. Likewise, if things get easy, and you want the next challenge early, let us know and we'll change your assignment.

Which level should I choose? I think i'm between levels!

Everybody starts with an assessment, regardless of which level they subscribe to.

This ensures we can get you the proper programming you need based on your current abilities and goals.

After the assessment, I explain your programme and outline what you need to focus on most in order to progress.

What if I miss sessions, and fall behind?

The best results will come from showing up and hitting the sessions consistently.

But if you had to take time off for whatever reason, no problem, pick back up where you left off.

all your sessions are recorded in the app, they won't disappear, unless you cancel your subscription.

  • Assessment + Programming

  • Video Demo's with Audio Commentary

  • Video Lesson Library

  • Community Support Forum

  • Weekly Technical Feedback (Group)

3 Monthly
  • Everything in the Monthly Pack

6 monthly
  • Everything in the Monthly Pack