The Programme:

The Arc Gymnastics Programme develops the Gymnastics Skills of Functional Fitness over 4 Course Levels.

At every Level, our clients will follow 12 week cycles, 4 days per week.

If you complete the Flexibility & Joint Preparation Exercises as recommended, sessions will last approximately 1 hour, but some of them can

The Coaching:

Our clients receive private, in-app video recorded feedback (coaching), or they will have access to the weekly check-in every Monday (no coaching).

How to get Started:

Choose a Level to start the Course.

Please don't worry about making the wrong choice.

If your starting assignment ends up being too easy, or too hard, we will move you in the app without any hassle - just send us an in-app DM.

If you want to start with Coaching, but downgrade later, or vice versa, we can easily change you at anytime without any billing hassle.

For other commonly asked questions about this Programme - scroll to the bottom of the page, otherwise, go take a look at the pricing below!

course Skills :

  • Dips
  • Pull-Ups
  • Bar Muscle-Ups
  • Ring Muscle-Ups
  • Rope Climbs
  • TTB & Compression strength
  • HS Walking
  • Handstand
  • One Legged Squats
  • Flexibility & Active Mobility

Sussie A


Level 1A - Foundations

Level 1B - BRIDGE

Level 2 - ELEMENTS

Level 3 - ARES

Level 4 - ICARUS


How long are the Gymnastics Sessions?

ARC Gymnastics Sessions are 60 minutes in length, 4 days per week.

Each training session will contain these 3 major elements:

  • Specific warm-ups & activations
  • Strength & Skill work
  • Relevant Mobility training
What is the cancellation policy? / How do I cancel?

If you decide you want to stop before you complete the system, you can cancel at anytime by going to the website and visiting the "my account" section.

After cancelling, you will continue to have access to the programming and the training group until your next payment date, at which point it will be lost.

Once a subscription goes out, it will not be refunded, so if you are intending to leave, you must remember to cancel your subscription before your next payment is due.

How and when do I know to upgrade to the next level?

The standard time-frame for completing levels is after two training cycles. But obviously, everyone has unique circumstances.

If you wish to spend longer on a Level, no problem. Likewise, if things get easy, and you want the next challenge early, let us know and we'll change your assignment.

Which level should I choose? I think i'm between levels!

We want good movement standards, because we know this leads to the best progress both long term and short term. For this reason, if you're really stuck, err' on the side of the lower level.

If you overestimated or underestimated your abilities, your assignment can be changed with the click of a button on our end. There’s no re-subscribing or anything complicated.

What if I miss sessions, and fall behind?

No problem, pick back up where you left off - all your sessions are recorded in the app, they won't disappear.

If you have a little bit of OCD, ask us to reset your assignment to the day you left. We will only do this once per training cycle.

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