Comprehensive PROGRAMME

  • This is our  Gymnastics Programme for Functional Fitness.

    - Work your way through 4 levels of structured progression.
    - Work 1-1 with a coach, or use the materials to work alone.
  • Train 5 or 3 days a week for 45 minutes each session.


What is the difference between the 5 Day, and 3 Day Plan?

The 5 day and 3 Day plans have the same strength & skill work, Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Athletes on the 5 Day Plan however, will be comprehensively working Handstands, Press Handstands and lower body strength work (such as Pistol Squats) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Athletes on the 3 Day Plan do not have these sessions. A much smaller body of basic Handstand Practice is included in the Monday - Wednesday - Friday sessions.

Do I still get coached on the Supplement Plan?

Yes. Our Comprehensive and Supplement Athletes are all part of the same group. The Supplement Athletes are simply working through a smaller body of work.

If I start with Supplement, can I change to Comprehensive later?

Yes, you can change plans anytime. All members have a website login where they can select the plan they wish to change to, and the system will update your membership automatically! Easy!