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Who is this programme for?

The ARC Ring Muscle-Up Programme is designed for Athletes who are looking to breakdown and build the proper strength in the 4 foundational components that make up the Strict Ring Muscle-Up.

This programme is ideally suited for athletes who are working towards their first Strict Ring Muscle-Up. The programme is also for trainees who need their weaknesses tightened up so they can progress their Muscle-Up form and build to larger, more efficient sets.

On this Programme, Athletes will:

  • Progress their strength with each of the 4 components that make up the Ring Muscle-Up
  • Test and develop the shoulder extension flexibility requirements.
  • Continue to improve their base of power with the Chin-Up.
  • Iron out muscular imbalances & develop weaknesses in the Scapula.
  • Perform Prehab exercises to prevent common injuries from Muscle-Up training including Elbow tendinitis & Shoulder impingement.


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