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Who is this programme for?

The ARC Handstand Programme is written for Athletes who are looking to master all the basic concepts of an efficient Handstandfrom scratch!

The reason we say “from scratch”, is because it ensures that the important concepts are developed in an order that allows for fast progression.

The programme is designed as an entry point for beginners, and for Intermediates that need to fill in the gaps of their understanding.

The aim of ARC – Handstand is to coach trainees to achieving a consistent 10s Handstand from various entries by the end of the 10 week programme.

Athlete's subscribing to this programme will:

  • Breakdown & train each component of the Handstand.
  • Develop the shoulder flexibility & stability requirements.
  • Continuously "refine the line" with allignment & shape strengthening.
  • Progressively work through the ARC Balance progressions.
  • Perform Prehab & conditioning exercises to prevent common injuries from Handstand training such as wrist inflammation & Shoulder impingement.

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