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Who is this programme for?

The ARC - Bar Muscle-Up Programme is designed for Athletes who are looking to achieve the power development & co-ordination for their first 3 unbroken reps of the Bar Muscle-Ups with clean form.

This programme is also the perfect choice for Athletes who already have a
scrappy Muscle-Up, but need to rid themselves of the Chicken Wing headache by taking a step back and rebuilding their power + technique base properly.

Athlete's subscribing to this programme will:

  • Develop the stability, integrity & force production of the Shoulder joint.
  • Master the strength progressions for the Kipping Bar Muscle-Up
  • Continue to improve their base strength with the Strict Pull-Up
  • Iron out muscular imbalances of the Scapula.
  • Develop the power production of the Scapula
  • Perform Prehab exercises to prevent common injuries from Muscle-Up training including Elbow tendinitis & Shoulder impingement.

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